Farokh Shayesteh Lostگمشده


Farrokh Shayesteh is an artist and professor at “Meio” University in Japan. As one could infer from the meaning of his last name in Persian, he has so eloquently entwined modern and traditional Iranian arts in the course of his career. His first mentor, his father, Sadr-Ałdin- Shayesteh é Shirazi, was a well-renowned Shirazi painter and artist. In his own words, Farrokh believes that “to truly see [his] paintings, one must come intimately close to them”. Farrokh, a UC Berkley graduate, began painting at the age of four. He pursued his undergraduate studies in architecture, and never deemed any profession more appropriate for him other than painting. His social life consists of his intellectual interactions in the university setting. Lastly, he holds his paintings so dearly and he prefers not to sell any of them.

فرخ شایسته ، نقاش و استاد دانشگاه می ای ژاپن است."شایسته " که به شایستگی، هنر مدرن و نقاشی ایرانی را پیوند داده است اولین استادش را پدرش ، صدرالدین شایسته شیرازی ، که از نقاشان شایسته شیراز بود میداند . "برای دیدن تابلوهایم باید به آنها نزدیک شد" این گفته ی دانش آموخته ی دانشگاه برکلی کالیفرنیا ، درباره اندازه ی خاص تابلوهایش است. او که از چهارسالگی نقاشی میکرده در دانشگاه ، معماری خوانده و هیچ شغلی جز نقاشی برای خویش متصور نیست. وی از راه تدریس در دانشگاه امرار معاش میکند و ترجیح میدهد تابلوهایش را نفروشد